Cocos Island: Big Animals, Big Adventure


Central America’s jewel, Costa Rica is an oasis of calm and an a haven for ecotourism. It is one of the best places in the world to experience lush tropical jungles filled with playful monkeys, crocodiles, poison dart frogs and many exotic birds.

For the ultimate diving adventure, experience the offshore islands of Cocos or Malpelos on a live-aboard.

Cocos Island, located three hundred miles southwest of Costa Rica, is an ocean oasis. It has been recognized as one of the most outstanding dive locations in the world, offering incredible opportunities to see pelagics, hammerheads, tuna, mantas and dolphins, to name a few. A distinctive and remote diving location, Cocos Island is for the serious diver.

Malpelo Island sits 240 miles off of the coast of Colombia. Malpelo provides rich rewards for the experienced diver. The rocky outpost resembles an ancient monument emerging from the sea. There are few protected anchorages and the currents that flow through the area are very strong. Here you will experience huge schools of hammerheads, rays, dolphins and whales. Dive sites include a granite cliff that plunges into deep water, known as the Altar of the Virgin, that can have hundreds of free swimming moray eels, huge snappers and groupers.

Another site, a group of pinnacles off the northern end of Malpelo, is called the Three Musketeers. Here divers enter a series of tunnels and caverns (including a huge one called the Cathedral), filled with countless thousands of silvery baitfish, dozens of lobster, white-tipped reef sharks and large numbers of goatfish, grunts and jacks.

Costa Rica

South Pacific Island Travel recommends resorts near Playa del Coco.

Ocotol Beach Resort is two miles away, situated on a coastline speckled with beautiful beaches and very comfortable accommodations. It is one of Costa Rica’s most picturesque spots.

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