Turtle over a barrel sponge on a Tobago dive site Tobago is totally unspoiled as far as development. They call it the last of the “unspoiled Caribbean.” This strip of island is just 41 x 14 kilometers and with its’ rolling hills, palm-lined beaches, luch tropical rain forests and pristine coral reefs, it is a wonderful secret to explore. Tobago is one of the southernmost islands in the Caribbean archipelago. The island enjoys a tropical climate. Dry season is from January to May, the wet season is from June to December. Tobago is just south of the hurricane belt.

Manta Lodge Hotel 

This small comfortable resort hotel has all the modern facilities to make your Caribbean holiday memorable and relaxing. Directly offshore from the hotel are some of the Caribbean’s finest coral reefs and best known bird sanctuaries. Manta Lodge’s on site full-service dive center, Tobago Dive Experience, operates daily dive charters to the lush reefs. Scuba diving highlights include the world’s biggest brain coral, fantastic drift diving, near virgin reefs and lots of fish.